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Title Side Events and Transparency Negotiation at COP28 (December, Dubai)
Name GIR
Date 2023.12.19
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As COP28 convened in the UAE on 30 November to 12 December 2023, GIR organized a side event titled "Leveraging Data for Transparency and Efficiency in Voluntary and Compliance Carbon Markets" on 4 December at Korean Pavilion.


GIR President Jeong Eun Hae joined panel discussion with representatives from Presidential Committee, MOFA, MIGA*, Environmental Defense Fund, National Assembly Budget Office, GIR and The KIE.
*Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency


Speakers from the Korean government, international organizations as well as the private sector shared their insights on enhancing transparency in the carbon market and public-private collaboration for carbon mitigation.


Dr. Kim Moon Jung from GIR shared national experiences in development and progress of Korea's ETS including opportunities and challenges of the current mechanism.



(UNOSD) Sara Castro De Hallgren, Sustainable Development Officer

(GIR) Jeong Eun Hae, President
(2050 Presidential Committee on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth) Kim Sang Hyup, Co-Chair 
(MOFA) Cho Hong Sik, Climate Ambassador
(MIGA) Oh Kyoo Won, Senior Underwriter
(Environmental Defense Fund) Liu Hongming, Director
(National Assembly Budget Office) Jin Ick, Director General 
(GIR) Kim Moon Jung, Environmental Researcher
(The KIE) Lee Soo In, CTO


GIR was also invited to the side event "Global Accountability and Innovations for GHG Measurement, Reporting and Verification" hosted by UN OSD on 5 December at SDG Pavilion.





President Jeong and Dr. Kim Moon Jung introduced Korea's conventional and innovative approaches to development and management of national GHG inventory, sharing experiences in adopting digital technology for enhanced transparency in MRV system.



GIR negotiators are attending COP every year to represent Republic of Korea on transparency agenda.


GIR Researcher Don H. Shin speaking at transparency negotiation meetings