Ⅰ. GHG Projection, Reduction Modeling Analysis, ETS Research

ㅇ Projection : Econometrics modeling up to 2030
ㅇ Reduction : GIR-MAKE (Power, Industry, Transport, Building, Non-Energy)
ㅇ CGE modeling for economic impact analysis
ㅇ ETS implementation analysis & International emissions trading market research

Ⅱ. Tracking Progress & Evaluation of Sectoral Implementation

ㅇ Annual tracking system establishment
 - Ministry-level evaluation for each sector

Ⅲ. Setting 2030 National Mitigation Target


37% reduction below BAU (851 million tons CO₂eq.) by 2030

ㅇ Major Mitigation Measures
- (Industry/Power Generation) Renewable Energy System, CCS, Factory Energy Management System(FEMS), 
  Dissolution Facilities for SF6 Non-CO₂, and etc.
- (Building) LED Lighting, High-efficient Appliances, Green Building Design
- (Transport) Average Fuel Efficiency Improvement (2015 : more than 17.0km/l, 2020 : more than 24.3km), Strengthening GHG Standard (2015 : less than 140g/km, 2020 : less than 97g/km, Low-carbon Transport including hybrid, EVs, and etc.