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Title GIR-Bangladesh Environment Management Knowledge Exchange (20 October)
Name GIR
Date 2023.11.06
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On 20 October 2023, GIR President Jeong Eun Hae met with representatives of Bangladesh and the World Bank for knowledge-sharing on Korea's response to climate change and institutional arrangements including greenhouse gas mitigation measures and strategies.





Jeong Eun Hae, President
Kim Hee Chang, Director, Planning & Administration Team
Bang Jong Chul, Senior Researcher, GHG Mitigation Research Team
Shin Don H., Researcher, International Cooperatiuon Unit
Kim Moon Jung, Researcher, GHG Inventory Management Team
Lee Young Hyun, Associate Researcher, International Cooperation Unit

Md. Manjur Alam Prodhan, Project Director, Bangladesh Environmental Sustainability and Transformation Project
Dr. Kazi Kamrun Nahar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Md. Ziaul Haque, Director, Department of Environment (DoE)
Mohammad Masud Hassan Patwary, Director, DoE
Mohammad Abdul Motalib, Deputy Director, DoE
Md. Lokman Hossen Mollah, Director, Bangladesh Road Transportation Authority

(World Bank)
Eun Joo Yi, Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank (online)
Ana Luisa Lima, Senior Environmental Specialist, World Bank